We covered Magic Moments’ Fifteen not so long ago – you can check out what we said here – and now there’s a sweet, poignant video to accompany the track – watch it below.

The beauty and crushing awkwardness of being ‘inbetween’ that makes Fifteen a symbiosis of art and emotion is also found in the video. Scenes come and go, pain and love and everything in between flow as if in a never-ending summer daydream, as the spoken word monologue and ambient soundscapes fall create the perfect aide memoire for all of us that didn’t quite fit in at that age and probably don’t now.

There’s a lovely twist to the end of the video, which I don’t want to reveal, but Jordan of Magic Moments had this to say about the song and video: “As you may know Fifteen is the first spoken word piece I’ve released, and I was fortunate enough to get to work with Lucas in telling a story that further explores an authentic retelling and melding of what I experienced and what Lucas’ life is about at the moment, and in doing so to continue to explore the themes of the piece and really take the spoken words to the next level.”

Fifteen is out now, you can discover more about the video, Magic Moments, live dates and more over on his Facebook page.