Marsupial Lion is the musical project of Travis Jonathan. Along with his collaborator and friend Parker Tichko, the New Hampshire native creates indie-electro with a purpose on Here’s Wishing!

The song, which will feature on the upcoming Juvenilia album, is a very sophisticated take on electronica and indie. Its wry tones are reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys, but fused with dreamy chords that fans of Empire of the Sun will lap up. Though the lyrics harbour a darker side, you can still sense the positivity in the song – that humanity will prevail.

Jonathan describes the song as being “One part futurist polemic on technology run amok, one part subjective sketch of daily existence under Big Tech.”

Juvenilia is on out July 17th, 2020. Check out Marsupial Lion over at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for news about the band, and Here’s Wishing! You can get further streaming details about the track by clicking on this link.