The Premonition EP is the new release from Oslo’s psychedelic post-punk band Mayflower Madame. The band commissioned Astrid Serck to direct a video for track Before I Fall – watch it below.

A precursor to an album due out later this year, it captures the post-punk sound perfectly without sounding derivative or retro. A more gothic sound occasionally bubbles under the surface, but it possesses that mournful, spiky essence that makes post-punk such a vital and affecting genre.

Trond Fagernes’ vocals have a world weary, almost broken quality to them, which adds to the overriding sense of melancholia that pervades Before I Fall. Beauty and can be forged from pain, and that’s certainly a concept that the song takes to its heavy, heaving heart.

Premonition is out now, you can stream it on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify. The quintet will be playing Manchester this September – we’ll have to check that gig out!