Dripping with raw, visceral intensity and religious imagery, Tear Me To Pieces by Los Angeles based musician Meg Myers – a highlight from her current Take Me To The Disco album – is a real musical and emotional tour de force.

There’s a primal feel to the vocals and arrangement, the sense of someone coming to a point of closure. Not by acceptance and maybe moving on, but more by making a statement of defiance, intent and independence.

With biblical and general religious terminology entwined in a Redemptorist tide of anger and fear, the song still leaves enough room for you to decide for yourself whether something temporal or pastoral is the subject of such a wild, withering tome.

A marriage of mainstream rock and more noisy, sometimes confrontational sounds, Tear Me To Pieces still manages to be a rollicking, riveting listen.

Tear Me To Pieces is out now and is the fourth track on the Take Me To The Disco album, which you can stream in full on Spotify and other digital services. You can check out some of the fan art inspired by the album on Myers’ official Instagram page.