The Nashville-based indie rock band, Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers is led by bassist and songwriter Mel Bryant. The group also runs their own recording studio, Electric Church Records, which is handy when you need to get a track as good as Never Thought laid down on tape!

The track, which the band describes as “A quick, punchy, angsty little ditty about gritty New York City.” certainly lives up to that summation. Clocking in at just under 120 seconds, it’s longer than a New York minute, but it doesn’t feel it.

It packs a lot into that short space of time, though. Bryant’s tightly coiled vocals fly off like a Catherine Wheel when needed, and the band sublimely channels that energy and entropy that can come from living in a big city. It doesn’t have a neat resolution, but that’s part of the raw and chaotic charm of the track, and New York itself.

You can get to know Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers better over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also listen to Never Thought on major streaming sites including Apple Music and Google Play.