Michelle Blades has had a nomadic life of sorts, with life and music taking her from Panama, to America and now to Europe. That may have contributed to the all-encompassing eclecticism of new song Politic!

The opening ska-meets-post-punk fusion is something new to me, but Blades and her band make it sound like a natural combination; the choppy rhythms and slower beats working effortlessly well together.

Shades of Krautrock and psychedelia flow through the song, adding an air of danger and creating a hypnotic effect, lulling the listener in to an open-minded state and laying the perfect ground for Blade’s vocals – part punk era Blondie, part country, part folk – to take them to into her confidence as she imparts her subtle political message

Politic! is out now and the Visitor album will be available March 29th on all major digital platforms via Midnight Special Records – click here to find out more.