Anglo-Bulgarian duo Moontwin is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Maple Bee (aka Melanie Garside) and XRaydio founder Zac Kuzmanov. Living in different cities hasn’t stopped them coming up with a peach of a song in Brakes. Check it out below.

Though they write and record their music, and film their videos using videophones as their portal, all while being over 1700 miles apart, that sense of distance doesn’t come across in the up close, swirling intensity of Brakes.

Elements of gothic post-rock, rockabilly and the country-blues of Nick Cave permeate the essence of the song. That’s not to say it’s derivative by any means, far from it in fact. It’s more that the intoxicating but sombre vocals booming, and the claustrophobic, high-energy rhythm section channel so many primal sounds that Brakes can sit in any number of genres with ease. It’s an exciting track, with a hint of danger to it, one that will draw you back to listen to it over and over.

You can also stream Brakes on Spotify, for details on other outlets head on over to the duo’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to find out more.