Oakland’s Mwahaha have had some ups and downs since the release of their 2013 eponymous album, including the loss of a member to cancer. But they’re still fighting on, taking some of that pain and love and putting it into the music, as on Sundown.

Its gauzy gravity doesn’t quite sound like anyone else, an impressive feat these days. You can hear hints of Beck, Metronomy and Vessels for sure; but that could be down to Sundown sharing a similar musical DNA. The beat and flow have a pop core to them, but sonically and artistically it keeps a wry distance from commerciality, instead taking a perverse but sensory, pulsating approach to getting your feet moving.

Sundown is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and other major digital outlets. Check out Mwahaha’s Facebook and Twitter socials to find out about the track, the band and upcoming live dates. Their sophomore album Lovers is due on out September 6th and will be self-released.