Singer, songwriter and producer Nancie brings a club twist to PC and 8bit electro with her poppy but socially and politically aware new single Get Likes. Ironically, the track is being featured on the current Love Island TV series.

The occasionally quirky and dissonant interjections on a polished sound add to the sense of dislocation the track creates. It’s aimed at the dancefloor, and also the brain, as if it wants to impress on you the point that being glossy and popular has its downside, as well as its costs. At 0300 in a club or bar all that will probably matter to is the glorious opportunity it gives you to pose for a few minutes, and sing along to the chorus, but it can have a different impact in the cold light of day.

She had this to say about the track: “The track is a tongue-in-cheek look at that world (Love Island). It’s fun, catchy and enjoyable and it’s planting a seed that says we don’t have to be what society or social media says you should be. Of course, we use filters, we put photos up of us looking our best – but so many young women and men are trying to achieve these unobtainable looks by using extreme methods. I’ve been there, I’ve done it. Yet, a lot of the time the pictures we follow have been edited. They’re not real. People need to know that.”

Get Likes is out now , you can find out more about Nancie by heading on over to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.