With the release of Verso, Scottish synth-pop trio OK Button have dropped an impressive six singles in nine months. That may seem like a lot, but one listen to the song (and their back catlogue) will reassure you that there’s no problem with quality control!

The band are no strangers to catalysing pop into a more leftfield sound: Amber as vocalist with Bombay Bicycle Club and Morcheeba, and Adam as a drummer for One Eskimo and Babyshambles. But here they taken that in a new direction, eschewing quick hooks for something more artistic yet still with an eye on a wider audience.

Speaking about the single, Amber says: “Verso was initially built around a simple guitar line that Adam wrote. The lyrics flowed easily; the theme is of a similar vein to Flesh & Blood – mental health issues and life circumstances separating you from someone you love. On a basic level, the song reflects on fond memories and how you will never let them go.

On a deeper level, when you’re so close to someone and connected by love – you can feel them, their authentic essence, that warmth, even when they’re not there. They become part of you. That energy, the intangible closeness of love – is so strong that it can carry you through the hardest of times, you can hold on to it. It’s beyond physical, therefore it can even survive death. I find that reassuring.”

Verso is out now and you can find out more about the band and other news from OK Button by checking out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.