New Music: Otha – I’m on Top

  • New Music: Otha - I'm on Top

The line “I dance like a queen, and my dress is a dream” seems like such a throwaway couplet from Norway’s Otha , but its deceptive simplicity (what does she really mean?) sums up the off the wall electro charm I’m On Top perfectly.

Take some of the detached observational style of Ladytron and marry it to the melancholic yet catchy beats of Pet Shop Boys circa Bilingual and that gives you an idea of the idiosyncratic joy that pervades every second of I’m On Top.

Shimmering like a mirage, the vocals and lyrics take the listener by surprise at times, worming their way in to your mind without you even realising, then making you start, then smile when the lines above drop like a bath bomb; messy, colourful and pleasurable.

I’m On Top is out now and is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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