New Music: Party Nails – So Broke

Party Nails – aka writer/producer/singer Elana Belle Carroll – has followed up her recent tour slot with PVRIS and Lights by releasing a new single; So Broke. With its slightly old school sound the track, which was produced by Battle Tapes, is wry party anthem as you can hear and see in the Bia Jurema directed video which was filmed on a $200 budget!

There’s a bit of the early sound of fellow New Yorker Madonna about the track, both musically but also in the way the track asserts feminism, femininity and independence as complimentary not contradictory stances. There’s hints of Prince and electro lightly sprinkled throughout, and enough hooks to make it sound like the hidden template for a Scandinavian hit factory.

Carroll says about So Broke: “Earlier in 2017 I had written a few songs about being broke and what it feels like, especially in today’s status-obsessed world. But the songs all felt too sad. Then a few months ago Riley [of Battle Tapes] sent me an instrumental he had been working on, and I instantly loved it and wrote the whole song quickly.

I felt nervous but excited to be talking so plainly about how I actually felt at the time, as opposed to an abstraction. Riley, Josh and I passed the song around a few times before finishing it up together. I’m really happy with the record. I love working with my babes Battle Tapes.”

So Broke is out now, you can find information about streaming and downloading the track here. For news and more about Party Nails be sure to check out her website as well as her interesting and insightful blog posts for Soundgirls.

Party Nails is currently working on her yet-to-be-named debut full-length and planning a spring tour. In January she will be included in the “Female Artists to Know in 2018” roundup by Alternative Press.

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

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