Patawawa’s funked-up take on Nu Disco, Never Been Better is a fun-filled, fresh banger, ready made for the dancefloor. Have a listen and get your groove on.

With its cheeky references to the sound of Chic and TSOP (those strings!), the song employs enough modern elements to avoid the trap of sounding retro. The vocal performances play a large role in that, fusing an indie/New Wave quality to euphoric Euro-disco passion to lift the song and give it a very English sound.

It’s fair to mention the strings again, simply because they’re employed to deliver such a great hook. That, coupled with sensuous bass line, the tight percussion and an energetic guitar melody mean it’s impossible to listen to Never Been Better without wanting to dance.

Never Been Better is out now and streaming on Spotify and all major digital outlets. The band are a firm live and festival favourite, so keep up with them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for upcoming gigs and releases.