New Music: Pizzagirl – Carseat

  • New Music: Pizzagirl - Carseat

Liverpool bedroom pop artist Liam Brown is also known as Pizzagirl (check out the website – it’s totally awesome!). He’s not a girl, he’s not a pizza but he’s certainly an accomplished creator of music for the broken-hearted.

Beautifully eccentric electronica with a slightly downbeat feel, Carseat has a very poignant take on indie-infused downtempo. Moody, melodic and very catchy in its heartfelt earnestness, the mournful synths and witty lyrics produce a sense of familiarity with sounds, memories and images that aren’t yours, but that will trigger hazy comparisons in your mind.

Speaking about the track, Brown says: “Carseat is an ode to the non-drivers of the world (like myself), the bold and beautiful ones who have control over the music on every journey, whether it be far or wide. So relax, tune in to pizzagirlFM, kick back in the passenger seat and bop away!”

Carseat is out now via Manchester’s Heist or Hit, and can also be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp. Pizzagirl will be touring with Her’s over the next few months, check out his Facebook page for more details.

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