Plike is the brainchild of American electronic music producer/composer Mad Madam Em, who hails from Champaign, Illinois. Along with vocalists Veela, Holly Drummond, and Zara Taylor she says she uses her music to explore the darkest elements of the human psyche.

As part of this process she has teamed up with director Natalie Bible’ on the visually and musically stunning Never Always. The video contains violent imagery and the storyline may be upsetting to some, but is well worth watching.

I’ll not comment much on the video which stars Brieanna Steele, because I don’t want to spoil it for viewers, but it’s fair to say that it is a visual treat, dark and dangerous with a gripping storyline. There’s a brooding and gothic passion to the song, orchestral and electronic elements of the arrangement feel as if they are in a lover’s embrace, neither wanting to let go in case the magic fades.

Ethereal and eerie, thanks to the strong vocals, the track feels cinematic in its own right as it slowly reveals its gossamer light magic to the listener. The video and song may seem symbiotic, but both stand up well as individual works of art, showcasing the talent that lies beneath.

Speaking about the song, Mad Madam Em told us: ‘Ever since I first launched Plike in 2014, I’ve been very open about my own struggle with complex-PTSD in the hopes that others suffering from similar conditions would perhaps feel more comfortable opening up about their own battles. Never Always, like many of my songs, was inspired by my journey towards recovery; I recently realized that I was still caught up in this mindset of trying to find my place in life through the acceptance and validation of others. There was a part of me that was always longing for “home”, a warm safe place where I could be happy and accepted. I didn’t realize that I would never find that place until I learned to have self-compassion and accept myself!’.

Plike will be releasing a new EP called Dark Room on May 25th so keep an eye out on her Bandcamp and website for more details. You can catch up with the Plike’s back catalogue on Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay.

The video for Never Always was produced by Absinthe Productions LLC. Natalie Bible’ has had her work has screened in over 80 film festivals across the globe and has won over 30 awards including the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2017 Nice International Film Festival.