Riches is the cross-discipline project of Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy and choreographer Wynn Holmes.The duo’s forthcoming album, which they say is “the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film,” is out on September 25th and will feature new single Fantasy Chapel.

The song seems full of references to folk music and beyond, with European and East Asian sounds to the fore. The verdant and tropical feel tones are interlace with a mesmerising lead vocal and series of vocal loops that hint at a primal and hypnotic space, one that has ritual at its heart, but also a sense of both wonder and danger.

Explaining some of the meanings behind the song, the duo disclosed, “Fantasy Chapel is about how devotion to our work’s practices and rituals can create a place, a form, a structure. The lyrics are largely inspired by American artist Kiki Smith’s body of work. Her exploration of themes of the natural world, feminism, religion, folklore, the human body, historical and fictional female characters, as well as the evocation of transformative spaces, are all elements of the pastoral but dark setting of the narrative of this soundtrack.”

Head over to Riches’ socials, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for details on how to listen to Fantasy Chapel. You can now pre-order the album of the same name on Bandcamp in digital format.