Safetalk are two Parisian producers (Thomas and Hugues) and a Berlin based British singer (David). Known for their silky, sophisticated take on synthpop, they’ve thrown us a bit of a curveball with the chilled yet cultured I Know.

Coming off like a counter-intuitive yet pleasing blend of Hot Chip and 70s Lou Reed or Bowie, it has an almost sedative, hypnotic feel. David Hark’s vocal delivery soothes and waylays the listener as if a siren calling you to your doom, signalling pleasure and danger with equal measure.

With an arrangement and melody that takes dancefloor sounds but transposes them into a more romantic setting, I Know feels like the perfect soundtrack for getting to know someone better even as we seek to escape the reality around us.

Safetalk’s – I Know is out now on the band’s own label. Catch up with the trio on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.