Still Alive is from Sara Rachele’s Scorpio Sun, the sister album to her Scorpio Moon album, and was released this June. The latter was recorded in New York with a full band, but as you can hear below, this is something very different to that release.

Rachele’s vocals have a very similar tone and timbre to Susanne Sundfør and Stevie Nicks. Each inflection, and every word sung feels like a story in themselves, laden with emotion and meaning, turning a very stripped-down track – vocals and electric guitar – into a four-minute opera. It’s more Phoebe Bridgers than Puccini to be sure, but that just brings out the drama and heartache of Still Alive even more.

Listening details for Still Alive can be found on Sara’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon are out now via Angrygal Records.