SEA GIRLS’ brand of anthemic but intelligent indie saw them shortlisted for BBC Sound of 2019. One listen to Open Up Your Head shows the accolade was well justified. Quite a feat for an unsigned band to boot!

The perky, jerky opening gives vocalist Camamile the perfect showcase for his voice, which manages to soar to the sky whilst still keeping focussed on the emotional message of the lyrics.

The indie-electro vibe of the song gives it an open, uplifting feel, with the band making sure that the sweeping ending to the song feels natural and welcome; guitars chiming and chattering with ease, flowing into the more electronic elements in the mix with minimum fuss.

As the song draws to a close, the lyrics intone: ‘And every day that I get older, I’m more a child inside my head. Cos every time the party’s over, I’m the last one left.’ adding a layer of reality and gravity to the song, an awareness that empty lives can’t always continue.

It’s no surprise on this showing that the group are selling out gigs throughout the UK!

Vocalist Henry Camamile said this about the song: “Open Up Your Head is about being your own worst enemy but having someone believing in you unconditionally. Some people struggle with self-esteem, some people party too hard, and some people feel stuck from making wrong choices. It can be crucial having someone who offers a hand out of those places we don’t want to remain in.”

Open Up Your Head is out now and the band are currently touring the UK (with gigs sold out already!) – you can find out more about the band, their music and upcoming gigs on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo by Phil Smithies