If U Must Dance is the debut single from Sinosa, who was previously a member of the much missed Fol Chen. Even if you’re familiar with their sound, you will still be pleasantly surprised by the experimental anti-pop direction of her solo material.

It’s a sound that she’s described as ‘conceptual techno’ – with a firm nod to the pioneering sounds of acts like Kraftwerk and Model 500 but filtered through a gauze of new age mysticism and motorik sheen, the beat slowed down and Sinosa’s vocals adding a reserved but defiantly female take on the genre.

If U Must Dance pulls off the rare feat of being cutting edge yet accessible. In terms of aesthetic but not sound, the closest musical comparison would probably be Ladytron or the solo work of Marnie, but there’s a knowing and fun feel that really gives the track its own unique musical place.

If U Must Dance is out now in digital format and will be available as a limited 7” single on clear vinyl via Happy Robots Records.