New Music: Sugarplum Fairies – Dedeaux Fields

  • New Music: Sugarplum Fairies - Dedeaux Fields

If you’re looking for the soundtrack for those lazy Sunday mornings spent in bed or lying in the park, you couldn’t do much better than the music of Sugarplum Fairies and their track Dedeaux Fields.

The lead single from the Payday Flowers album, the band (in reality  the musical pseudonym of Silvia Ryder) marries the soft and sultry air of 60s European pop with the more mystical, hazy charm of American West Coast rock.

Vocals like honey and guitars like fine wine take the listener on a trip down memory lane – memories of their own mingling with those evoked by the poetic lyrics. It’s perfect, escapist mood music.

Payday Flowers is out now on Bandcamp and all major digital outlets.  For news and more on Sugarplum Fairies, check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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