Teddi Gold attributes her unique sound to a very individual upbringing. Having two fathers and growing up on a remote island in the Caribbean created a pop aesthetic with a purpose, as you can hear on BOOM BOOM.

First up, it has to be said that BOOM BOOM is a lot of fun. Tropical and tasty, the melody is designed to get the feet moving and the hips winding. Lyrically, the song takes a different tack; focusing on selling a message of victory through unity, pride through positivity, but that’s all done with such an infectious style, you’ll be smiling as you break down literal and metaphorical barriers.

BOOM BOOM can also be streamed on Spotify. More details on how to listen to the song can be found on Teddi Gold’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials. Proceeds from the song go to the ACLU, with more information on that and other causes at this link.