One of the best things about blogging is when you get to cover bands you love. The Birthday Massacre’s music never fails to move me, and that is certainly the case with The Last Goodbye, from their Diamonds album which is out on the 27th or March – click here to order on Bandcamp, and listen to the track below.

The song sees the band hark back to the Walking With Strangers era at times, with Chibi’s vocals taking a smooth, ethereal approach, layered over the lush synths and crunching guitars. It marries mood and melody to perfection, ramping up the emotional energy of the lyrics with the intense, refreshing feel to the arrangement. Diamonds promises to be one of their career highlights if The Last Goodbye is anything to go by.

Diamonds, which the band says, “explores themes that range from heartbreak and anguish and lust to love,” is out on the 27th of March via Metropolis Records. The group will be touring extensively on the back of the album, including dates in Manchester, London, and Glasgow here in the UK this November. Head over to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to find out more about live dates and for details on how to listen to Diamonds.