The Hearing is the solo music project of Helsinkian musician Ringa Manne. Having collaborated with Finnish artists like Paperi-T, Cityman, ROOXX, Ros Red as well as having two of her own bands (Ruusut and Pint And We Fall); she’s taking her own music in a much more electronic direction as you can hear on When In Doubt Repeat These Words.

There’s an aching Nordic beauty to the song, fragile like snow yet as hard as ice, underpinned by a quiet,  understated air; creating a comforting simplicity that belies the soothing complexity to the soft arrangement and undulating rhythms. With lyrics that talk of striving (and maybe failing) to be better and to make things better but still continuing that struggle, it sounds like a parable or maybe hymn for our confused times.

When In Doubt Repeat These Words is out now via Solina Records and will appear on her upcoming, third album Demian. No release date has been set yet, but you can find out more about the track and release details on their website and Facebook page.