New Music: The Ramona Flowers – Strangers

We featured Strangers by UK band The Ramona Flowers  not so long ago on one of our Weekend Roundups and we described it as being ‘a song that feels like it lives somewhere between the dancefloor and the bedroom’! The tracks’ perfect amalgam of rock, pop and soul now has an official, Brad Hasse directed video, which was filmed in New York and stars America’s Got Talent finalist, Kid The Whiz.

Steve Bird from the band says this about the song: “Strangers is written about that special feeling you get when you first meet someone and wishing that you could relive that over and over again.

Ironically, this was a rare song where we wrote it collectively as a band, but nobody was in the same room at the same time. We just all knew the vibe instantly, but it was a bit like we were strangers.”

Strangers is streaming now Spotify and Deezer and can be downloaded via digital stores such as GooglePlay. You can find out more about tour dates and other band news on their official website.

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