Torpa are a band we’ve not come across before, despite being quite local in geographic terms and electronic in nature; but better late than never! Steven and Peter Dandy have been making music since 2012 and have been prolific, having amassed a back catalogue of over thirty EPs and four albums in that time. The say their musical output can be eclectic but with Unknown Host they’ve tapped in to a rich vein of atmospheric, synthwave infused electronica.

Unknown Host has a contradictory feel about it – intense but languid, the track slowly shifts and changes, creating an almost hypnotic feel as it taps in to the senses. The synth leads have a cinematic air, giving the impression of listening to the soundtrack for a yet to be released sci-fi noir.

For a track that clocks in at over eight minutes, it flew by as the incremental changes and in tone and rhythm provide a sense of urgency and transformation – a form of electronic shoegaze, almost.

The track is out now and features on the band’s The Whole Year Backwards album which you can listen to on Bandcamp and Spotify.  They have recently started performing live, and we’ll be checking them out that’s for sure!