As summer draws to a close we see the first single of the year from Los Angeles queer pop duo TWINKIDS. Eighteen feels like the perfect accompaniment to that time when the year becomes as much about looking back, as it does looking to the future. 

Gene Fukui and Matt Young capture in song that moment where you realise summer has become autumn, where you notice the passing of the seasons, and sometimes the passing of love. There’s a warmth and sense of comfort to the vocals and arrangement that should feel at odds with the lyrics, but instead they seem to soften the emotional blow, as if healing the hurt it reveals. Sometimes there can be beauty in heartache, and that’s something the duo channel on Eighteen to sublime effect.

Singer Gene had this to say about the song: ‘Eighteen is about young love. It’s about looking back at a romance that once felt like it was the most important thing in the world. When I was younger, I had this naïve and detrimental optimism … life kind of happened … money and careers took precedent and the relationship fell apart. The song is about looking back at your past self and realizing how much you’ve changed and how much other people have changed. I guess that’s terrifying in a way, like nothing really stays the same. Even something you once felt like you were going to devote your entire life to feels really distant, but it still left a hole in your heart.”

TWINKIDS’ Eighteen is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to head on over to the duo’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for news of the song, the band and much more.