Uffie is back with a bang after years of silence with the excellent Tokyo Love Hotel album, from which the skewed dancehall of No Regrets is taken. Check the track out below.

The opening track (Drugs) is garnering much of the attention right now, but No Regrets is equally as inventive and at times challenging both lyrically and musically.

Playing with genre boundaries, it winds some sensuous rhythms around a skin-tight percussion and some of the most nihilistic guitar licks this side of Nirvana.

It’s a combination that shouldn’t make sense, but Uffie’s vocals draw it all together, making their way from disdain to desire in just a breath or two. The bragging feels deliberately superficial at times, but the emotion and passion in the track come across as the real deal.

Tokyo Love Hotel is out now on all major streaming services and can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play.