Vania’s Wonder has an unusual but very poignant genesis, as it explores her time spent at an eating disorder treatment centre. It certainly does so in a sensitive and uplifting manner, as you can hear below.

Both the heartfelt lyrics and brooding, synth-led arrangement are electrified by the ethereal yet visceral emotion of Vania’s vocal performance. An air of dislocation and mystery pervades the song, but also one of strength and purpose. Taking similar musical cues to the likes of Ionnalee and early Susanne Sundfør, Wonder breathes life and humanity to a pristine electronic vista and a difficult subject matter.

Reflecting on the creative state in which Wonder was written, Vania says, “It was a few years into my recovery, and I was frustrated with my progress. I craved the false sense of power that being ill gave me and all I wanted was to return to the place where I’d had the complete care and attention of the people around me. I was worried that this topic would be triggering for myself and for others, but I take comfort in knowing that, rather than resorting to old behaviors, I chose to mourn through my music.”

Vania’s Wonder is out now, and you can listen to the song on all major platforms, including Spotify and Deezer. Head over to her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter socials for more details on how to listen to the song, as well as keeping up to date with new releases from Vania.