Vilde is Thomas Vilde, a Stockholm based musician who is prepping for his new album Fidget At The Podium by releasing the curious, serious, yet catchy Sardines.

There’s a wonderfully quirky quality to his voice, pitched somewhere between Edwyn Collins and James Murphy in the way he pushes his vocal range right to the edge and beyond to sell the emotion weight of the lyrics to the listener.

That’s not to underestimate the track as a whole though – there’s a sense of playfulness here, from the opening ocean sound to the grungy guitar and woozy electronica, that leads you to think that whilst Vilde takes his music seriously, he still wants to have some fun, despite the serious lyrical content about overfishing and the effect that will have on the planet .

Sardines is out want to know more about Vilde, his music and the upcoming album, be sure keep up with him on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

Photo credit: Elin Ghersinich.