New Music: Visions In Clouds – tides

  • New Music: Visions In Clouds  - tides

Swiss-based trio Visions In Clouds described their sound as ‘anthems of a faceless generation’, but that belies the lightness and deftness of touch they apply to a post-punk gothic sound, such as on new single tides.

Pascal Zeder’s passionate and heartfelt vocals ensure the track avoids the pitfalls that can befall much modern post-punk. Along with the tight and snappy rhythm section, there’s a real sense of brooding contemplation to tides but the band serve up so much zest and personality it avoids falling into a pointless miasma of despair, instead it imbues the listener with a feeling that as long as we have options we have freedom – maybe too many.

Now available on Bandcamp as a single, tides is the first release from the upcoming album what if there is no way out which comes out on Oct 26th 2018 via Parisian label Icy Cold Records.

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