At times I feel like a voyeur when listening to the music of ViVii, coming across as it does like a soundtrack to some private moments. To tie in with the release of their eponymous album, the trio have dropped another golden moment of divine dreampop in Pick Me Up – enjoy the next few minutes.

It’s that intimacy that gives their music its special and sublime ambience, pushing dreampop away from the abstract and the unreal and into more emotional, existential realms.

That makes it sound like Pick Me Up is an intellectual exercise, but it’s far from that. It feels like it is born from desire, from passion and purity and that trinity of emotions lifts the song and the listener to a different, almost spiritual plane.

Speaking about the album, ViVii say, “This is our journey that started five years ago portrayed in music, words and pictures, it’s been a long time coming. It represents creativity, musical freedom and a safe zone for three vulnerable souls. We are truly proud of this baby of ours.”

ViVii is out now via Dumont Dumont and can be streamed on Spotify.