New Music: Vylet – exposed

  • New Music: Vylet - exposed

Now based in Los Angeles, singer and producer Vylet says that as a child she took piano and violin lessons – you can hear some of the classical influence on her new single exposed.

Having previously cited the works of Chopin and Rachmaninoff as influences, the track exudes a similar passion for expression emotion though the melody and the rich colours of the arrangement. With her perfectly phrased and heartfelt vocals, there’s a dreamy ambiance to the piece, a simple romantic air that still harbours some dark undertones, perfectly in keeping with the theme of the song.

Vylet had this to say about exposed: “It’s a dream pop song describing a kind of high stakes intimacy where the line is blurred between what’s concealed and what’s revealed. The narrator is presenting a certain version of themselves they think someone else will be comfortable with – yet a part of them is still desiring to be truly seen for who they are. I used glossy, invasive synths to match the bizarre feeling of being aware of such paradoxical emotions but carrying on anyway.”

You can find out more about the single, and Vylet herself on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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