New Music: WhoMadeWho – I Don’t Know

  • New Music: WhoMadeWho - I Don't Know

I Don’t Know is the latest single by the Copenhagen-based experimental electro-pop trio WhoMadeWho, and was co-produced by Kenton Slash Demon. It’s the band’s first new studio music in almost one and a half years since the release of Hi & Low back in early 2016.

The live video for I Don’t Know was shot at Northside Festival and was directed by Jonas Laurien and Christian Clemmensen Møller at NVY Media House. The track sees the group utilise sparse rhythms and percussion to engender in the listener a sense of mounting expectation, fear and loss.

Singer Jeppe Kjellberg says of the song: “I Don’t Know was made in a period where we basically just wanted to try to produce songs in ways that we were not used to. We had an idea of trying to compose a song based on vocal hooks and suddenly we had a very special sounding demo track were most melodic parts are made by vocals which are edited and manipulated. The hook “I Don’t Know” was made because I didn’t know what to sing. Somehow that hook was so strong that I quickly built the lyric around it. Instantly it gave me memories of when I was stuck in transit travelling to Guadalajara. A situation where I had lost my passport and was refused to travel through the US by Homeland Security… so emotionally that’s the essence of the song. Threw in lyrical references to the Danish poem Memphis Station by Danish poet Johannes V Jensen together with lyricist Gisli Gislason afterwards. All in all, this song was made in thirty minutes, in an intuitive flow.”

The associated bundle version featuring remixes from Adana Twins, Stereocalypse, Fur Coat and Margot was released on Beatport Sept 1st and on all other shops and streaming platforms on September 15th. The track is currently streaming on Spotify.

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