New Music: Willaris K. – Alchemy | River Song | Dour Nights

  • New Music: Willaris K. - Alchemy | River Song | Dour Nights

Australian producer Willaris. K has released a remarkable twelve-minute short film that accompanies his new tracks Alchemy, River Song and Dour Nights. The film by Yeoseop Yoon paints the portrait of a father and son trapped in cycles of toxic masculinity; a poignant collision of the old world and the new.

There’s some strong imagery in the film, but it works well with the music – a tour de force of ambient beats, synthwave and more. Watch the stunning video below.

Willaris. K, real name Jack McAllister, harnesses the intensity of Jon Hopkins or Flying Lotus, infused with the beauty and intimacy of Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds, measured by the restraint of Bonobo and Clark. All three tracks sound deceptively simple yet feel dark and textured. To hear more music by Willaris. K head on over to Spotify or Soundcloud.

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