Xoller is a dream pop artist based in Los Angeles. Known for her work as part of Brooklyn-based dreamwave duo PROM, Dreamgirl sees her team up with Suede James on a delicious slice of ethereal electronica.

There’s a very soulful and melancholic feel to the vocals, creating an almost spiritual, seductive ambience. Soothing at times, but with hints of danger and suspense bubbling through the chilled and rhythmic arrangement, like a David Lynch montage in musical form.

Xoller has this to say about the track, “Dreamgirl explores the pitfalls of creating a romantic version of yourself for someone else. Too often we create a commodity out of ourselves as the industry demands, forcing us to become unnaturally one-dimensional. To become someone we hate, who hates us back.”

Xoller has also created this rather cool lyric video for Dreamgirl, which we think you’ll enjoy. You can discover more listening or download options for the song by following this link. Check out Xoller over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and give them some social media love so you can keep up with news about the song, upcoming releases, and more.