Londoner Xylo Aria describes herself as a ‘plastic bag hating, keep cup loving, menstrual cup wearing individual who is gearing up to bring about change.’ She’s aiming to do the latter by using her music as a medium with which to share her ideas and feelings. Check out My Bandage to find out more.

There’s a hushed and engaging intensity to the track that is instantly appealing. Aria’s crystal- clear vocals are confident and expressive, adding more emotion to the message in the lyrics. It eschews the use of upfront hooks and the melody is rather understated, but that reinforces the very intimate, confessional feel to the song, giving it a very unique and warm sound.

Aria says the song explores what she refers to as ‘the strange relationship between feeling pain and experiencing an irrational combination of love and anger towards the source of it.’ She adds: ‘I know that anger is ok to feel when dealing with grief, but I think a part of me felt guilty for feeling it, especially towards someone who means so much to me and was by no means to blame.’

Xylo Aria’s My Bandage is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Be sure to check her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for details on the song, as well as news about live dates, upcoming releases and much more