When an artist decides to use a clever and creative concept for their video, there’s a danger the song can be overshadowed. But there’s no risk of that with the quietly powerful In a Phase from Brisbane’s Ebony Bowen-Saunders, better known as Aerborn. Check out the Jesse Bowen-Saunders (her brother) directed video below.

There’s a rich blend of singer-songwriter reflection and intense pop hooks in play on In a Phase.  The result is a sonically pleasing, certainly stirring confection that successfully marries a lightness of touch in the arrangement with the more adult, mature lyrical content.

Aerborn’s vocals have a major role to play in that as well, delivering the lyrics with a worldly-wise, sometimes world-weary tone – one that has a richness and depth to it. It certainly gives the track an added sense of gravitas and makes for a thought-provoking listen.

Aerborn states the song was written when she was 18, at a time when her social circle very much part of the drug-friendly party circuit. She had this to say about In a Phase: “After a while I realised what it was all costing me, and that the people around weren’t the same as me. I think everyone has a phase in their life that’s so different to their authentic self, but you have to go through it to realise who you are.”

In a Phase is out now, streaming on all major services, and you can catch up with current news and more from Aerborn on Facebook and Twitter.