Danish electronic duo Alpas Ave made a real splash with their debut release Black Mirror, and that’s  been surpassed musically by their second single, You Betray. It also has a video that’s as beautiful to watch as the song is to hear.

Marianne Ernst Dam and Martin Pilgaard Grishauge, plough similar fertile soundscapes to Grimes and FKA Twigs, making something that is both pristine and bleak, like the fresh snow falling on an endless, moonlit plain. Sure, the bassline feels as if it’s forged from ice, and the vocals seem tethered to the stars, but there’s something profoundly human about the song that’ll keep you coming back for more.

You can catch up with the duo over on Facebook and Instagram, where you can also find more information on how to listen to You Betray, which is out now.

Photo by Jeppe Tyche Vinum