Andrew Applepie says he loves creating songs with everything he gets his hands on, not just in terms of musical instruments but also non-traditional items such as kitchen utensils. He’s also not averse to some full-on genre-bending either, as you can hear on his current single Capricorn.

His rich blend of organic and electronic sounds is as fresh and inventive as ever, with hop hip beats and chilled indie electro grooves creating a comforting vibe. His vocals are at their height, with a Beck-meets-folk ambience lending the track a slightly retro, but oh so trippy sound.

On Capricorn Applepie sings about being ‘up before the sun was rising’ and that’s something that really comes across in the overall mood of the song. It feels like the perfect soundtrack to seeing the new day at dawn, whether you’re just waking, or maybe before you go to bed!

Capricorn is out now via Fett Music  – click here to find out more – and is the third single from Andrew Applepie’s upcoming album. Catch up with information on that by checking out his socials including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.