Introducing: Android Lust

  • Introducing: Android Lust

Android Lust is the one-woman project of Bangladeshi-born New Yorker (but now resident in L.A.)  Shikhee, who has been releasing music under the Al moniker since the late-1990s, releasing her first album Resolution in 1998. Her music balances elements of rock, industrial, electropop and classical styles to create a sound that is individual, challenging but very rewarding for the listener. We caught up with Shikhee for a chat.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Whats the story behind Android Lust and how would you describe your sound?

I’m Shikhee and I started AL in the late ‘90s as a solo project after getting fed-up with trying to find reliable collaborators. I suppose I make industrial-influenced electronic music.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe? 

Cities, tension, everyday sounds. I am interested in exploring the less obvious, to challenge myself to find new ways to explore what I can do musically to keep things exciting for me.

You have a very individual sound, and theres a sense of playing with musical boundaries in your music, even though youre usually tagged as an Industrial artist. Where do you think your music sits in the wider music scene?

Industrial is certainly an influence, but so is a lot of other music. But ultimately I think I’m more interested in exploring the limits of sound than following the blueprints of any particular genre.

For me, theres been a change in your music on the last few albums, with less emphasis on the classic song structure and more prominence to the mood and sound of a piece of music. How do you feel your music has evolved over the course of your career?

Lately I’ve been far more inspired by mood, tone, and timbre, than straight forward song writing. It creeps back in now and again, but that’s partially why I’ve sort of sectioned off the last two releases under the Crater Series subheading. It gives me a little room to explore without having to be tightly tied to the more song-oriented releases in my catalog.

Could you tell us something about the new album? The concept sounds very intriguing!

There’s a lot of highly influential music in my life that had its origin in Berlin, and I wanted to travel more for creative inspiration. I wanted to immerse myself in a new place, and take in as much as I could in the short amount of time I was there.  Last couple of records have focused on a lot on environmental sounds, so the idea was to go to a place and record its ambience as I heard it and manipulate those sounds to create a sonic landscape for this record.

Whats up next for Android Lust Is there more new music on the horizon, other projects? 

Right now, I’m focused on getting this album out. I am working with director Dan Oullette on a video, our third together, for a song from Berlin. After that who knows?

You can find out more about Android Lust via the website. BerlinCrater Vol. 2 will be released August 18th via  Synthellec Music and is available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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