New Music: Atella – Anyone Out There? (feat. Cal)

Norwegian duo Atella teamed up with vocalist Cal (aka Frida Admunsen) to brew up a delicious blend of what they refer to as  ‘cosmic pop’. Scandinavia excels in producing electronic music in bewildering styles and quantity yet when you hear a track like Anyone Out There? it demonstrates that there’s still the capacity to surprise and delight us musically in the Nordic lands.

The duo say they grew up almost 1500 km apart, Magnus north of the Arctic Circle and Johannes in the south of the country, but they shared a passion for both music and outer space.

Now both based in Bergen, the cultural capital of Norway, the duo has married those twin obsessions to craft a number of critically acclaimed singles and this electropop gem. The track is out now on Belgium’s  Eskimo Recordings and if you want to hear more by Atella, head on over to Spotify.

By |June 26th, 2017|

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