Currently available as a free download on their Soundcloud page (click the link below), Cathedrals have given us a wonderful present in the form of the sublime Jump In.

The duo (comprised of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin) has whipped a real musical and emotional ‘quiet storm’ on Jump In. The bright yet oddly melancholic air that beats at the superficially upbeat electronic heart of the song provides a wonderful springboard for Jenkin’s voice.

Moving effortlessly as it does from ethereal abandon to a grounded, pained reality, there’s a real sense that she’s lived through the emotions and experiences the lyrics so exquisitely outline. It’s a sensation the arrangement amplifies, bracing and delicate in perfect sympathy with every word she sings.

If feels at times like the band are inviting you to share some great secrets and not so great experiences of theirs, which makes the song all the more personal and special.

Brodie and Johnny had this to say about the track: “With Jump In we didn’t want to write a straightforward love song since, for us at least, love hasn’t always been simple or predictable. We wanted to explore that feeling of standing on the precipice of the unknown – looking into the face of something that could turn out to be beautiful or ugly, and taking that leap anyway. It’s not a hallmark card; it’s real life, full of joy and uncertainty and sometimes pain. Here’s to feeling it, to jumping in, whatever the cost.”

The song can be streamed on all major digital outlets right now, with that link also leading you to the free download. Be sure to catch up with the band on Twitter and Facebook – you won’t regret it!