New Music: Cathedrals – Just a Game

  • New Music: Cathedrals - Just a Game

Though their paths had crossed in the past, it took an introduction by a mutual friend for San Francisco based duo Cathedrals to finally meet. The two immediately found a real connection, which has resulted in such musical marvels as Just a Game.

Brodie Jenkins spent her teens touring with her mother and sister in an Americana-steeped family band. Johnny Hwin meanwhile played open-mic nights and made beats alongside successful electronic artists like Blackbird Blackbird and Giraffage.

That’s something that’s effortlessly evident in the duo’s sound on Just a Game, enriched as it is in electronica but also possessing the lightness of Scandinavian pop and a sprinkle of rock and trip hop stylings.

The torch singer meets gothic-diva majesty of Jenkin’s vocals takes the lead this time round, lending the song a windswept air of longing and almost regret as the words and emotions fly like a hurricane against the senses.

Just a Game is out now on Spotify and iTunes, you can find out more about how to stream and download the song on other platforms here. The band are due to drop an accompanying video for the track, so keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter feeds for more news.

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