New Music: Dagga Domes – Spent My Love

  • New Music: Dagga Domes - Spent My Love

Dagga Domes are Kit Monteith, Jeremy Moors and Andrew Warne, and with the Oxford band containing a member of Foals and Trophy Wife you just know something good is in store musically. That faith is rewarded on new track Spent My Love – check out the video below.

The video for Spent My Love was created by the band in collaboration with Francesco Miniati who VJ’ed live along to the track, with footage is taken from Dagga Domes’ live show visuals.

With a dark and at times ominous bassline serving as a counterpoint to plaintive and emotional vocals, Spent My Love is a dance track for the disappointed. Sad people want to dance too and the song is a perfect soundtrack for that, with its infusions of catchy old school rave sounds and occasional techno leanings invoking contradictory feelings of joy and wistfulness.

Kit Monteith says of the EP’s genesis: “It had been however long, no idea. In a hazed-out room and that feeling of your ears being full, totally full. Wires curled round one another, colours and bars on the window. No fucking Wi-fi. My eyes all at once felt tired and wide fixed too long on a loaded 909. I didn’t know what to do with this track, all beats and bruised bass lines, no topline.

So, I stood up and started shuffling round the room, swaying half in time, feeling the track in my shoulders, thinking about the girl I was with and how tough it had become. Then I sang – mumbled and stumbled over a melody, heard a chord sequence that wasn’t even there but latched on. I held a note, lost it and found it again but better this time as though my vocal chords just needed to reach out then pull back quick; the way you check for heat, before taking hold for real. Found a lyric and then another.

They were lines that actually described. I shook my friend awake, baked and sang out my ideas to him… We started to record and by morning had agreed to start a band, call it DAGGA DOMES and write a break up record called Optimistic Visions Of The Future.”

The track is out now via Embrace Records and features on the bands Optimistic Visions Of The Future EP – you can find out more about how to stream and download the EP here.

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