British singer, songwriter, producer (and portrait subject for Tracy Watt!) Daniel Angelus  creates what has been termed “melodramatic cinematic pop and rock.” It’s certainly an impressive sound, judging by Disappear from his imminent ACT 1 EP.

Right from its dramatic opening, you know you’re listening to something special. Mining some generally underappreciated post-punk sounds for inspiration, Disappear has a real feel of faded gothic grandeur to it, the vibrancy shining through an obscured but beauteous exterior.

The listener friendly yet melancholic spirit of post John Foxx era Ultravox can be heard at times, as can the comforting rock stylings of The Psychedelic Furs. That track is no carbon copy though, as Angelus’ vocal blend of fragility and emotion combine with the subtle but effective deployment of bass laden hooks and glacial synths make for a very modern tone to the song.

Disappear and the ACT 1 EP are streaming now on Spotify as well as being available to stream or download on other digital services. For news on that, the EP, upcoming gigs and more, be sure to check out Angelus’ Twitter feed.