New Music: Death Hags – Earthbound

  • New Music: Death Hags - Earthbound

Death Hags is the work of Los Angeles based musician and artist Lola Jean. The multi-instrumentalist looks to the likes of Brian Eno and Björk as musical guides as she creates her own path in creating haunting left field synthpop, such as on new single, Earthbound.

The accompanying video, directed by Brian J. Davis, pays homage to the sci-fi cult classic The Man Who Fell to Earth but with s subtle, more human twist at its finale.

With a sound that infuses elements of Neue Deutsche Welle with a Francophone sensibility and British electropop flair, Earthbound nevertheless manages to come across as outside genres and eras, as timeless as it is current.

Ethereal vocals are layered and lightened as if to enhance their angelic nature, surrounding the listener with an aura of reassurance to counteract the bleaker message behind the lyrics. If you like Goldfrapp and Ladytron but seek out something less flamboyant and more personal, Earthbound will hit the spot.

Earthbound is about the feeling of coming back to life.’, says Lola Jean. ‘It’s that moment when you overcome grief to see the world with new eyes — grief over what the earth is going through, the inevitability and the scale of it, but also personal trauma.’

Earthbound is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud. Be sure to listen to her stunning over of Leonard Cohen’s The Partisan – it’ll give you goosebumps!

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