Some bands make music without any compromise to the outside world or the expectations of others, and that seems to be the case with Desolate Moon Phases and their track Same As Stars.

There’s an undercurrent of black metal and drone to the track, though it seems to be almost entirely electronic in nature. For me, one of the drawbacks of this kind of music as that it expects too much of the listener. But rather that forcing you to push through layers of rhythms and synths, the track allows some light into its sombre isolation.

Centred around Wrathe from Outer Gods, the Storm Mask collective behind Same As Stars take those darkened tones in a densely melodic direction. The song is not upbeat or leaden with hooks, but within its unyielding sound there’s a real feeling of humanity and movement. The song moves alright, but like a glacier, beautiful to behold but dangerous to the unwary.

Same As Stars will be feature on the new album Desolate Moon Phases album Heathenstones which will drop on May 31st 2019 via Stickfigure Recordings.