Dirty Freud is a producer, DJ and remixer who’s been serving up and making a name for himself with a distinctive mix of edgy, contemporary, dub, electronica and bass music for the past few years. We caught up with this up and coming talent for a chat.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s the story behind Dirty Freud and how would you describe your sound?

Well, Dirty Freud was born out of me constantly wanting to make music and loving so many different genres, so I took a bit of time out trying to make my sound. I try to make my music as original as possible, yet wrap it in something familiar. The name Dirty Freud came from university lectures. Whenever someone couldn’t explain something that was a bit off key, i’d call it a Dirty Freud and music I liked that had no particular genre i’d call a Dirty Freud mix, so it seemed apt that I produce music under that name.

What motivates you and inspires your music and vibe?

I’ve always been motivated by different genres of music. I’ve always seen it as a divide more of good music and bad music, and for me this is the only real difference in music. I wanted to put all my influences into my music and blend from one to the next, so I feel my sound is original and that’s what Dirty Freud should stand for – fresh and unique. I call my sound either electro-dub or electro-bass and i’m inspired by so many artists out there from all over the world – Hyena Kill, Bjork, Fatboy Slim, Skunk Anansie, Gary Numan… I could go on forever.

You’ve worked and collaborated with a whole bunch of different artists during your career – what do you tend to look for when you’re thinking of collaborating with an artist? Are they planned or more by chance?

I love collaborating. It makes me really happy, working with like minded people to get a sound out which infuses what we both do. Some are planned but the most special ones have happened organically so for. I’m sure the more my career progresses the more i’ll get into changing that view, but at the moment organically is the way forward for me.

Your music’s a huge mix of genres – what’s your trick for making them fit together and keeping a consistent vibe in your tracks with such a diverse range of influences?

I just try to go with what I feel when making tracks, rather than thinking about it too much. My tracks seem to write themselves from the ideas or the the way i’m feeling in a moment. Luckily I’ve been able to capture that a lot of late.

Before getting into music production and DJing you were a poet and script writer if I’m not mistaken – was the transition from words to beats an easy one, and do you find that your background in creative writing influences your musical output?

Yeah, I loved my career as a writer and it gave me the tools I needed to get into songwriting. I always wanted to combine my written skill with my musical skill as feel what I do should be a celebration of the skills people have taught me and encouraged in me. It has definitely helped my music get where I want it to be too.

It sounds like things are going from strength to strength with nominations for Best New DJ at the Bass Music Awards, Jagermeister sponsorship and a successful EP – what’s next on the cards for Dirty Freud?

Thanks man, feel things are finally starting to go my so got a new release coming out 20th July on Red Alfa records then  i’mplaying Bestival which i’m really excited about. The biggest thing so far this year is I signed with bass music label Hotcakes. Now I need to justify the faith people have put in me. Thanks so much for having me guys.