Drama Dolls are Doc Egg (guitar and vocals), TKO (bass and vocals), and Scrambles (drums and vocals.) If you like a high-energy rock sound powered by a punk aesthetic, you’re going to love Favorite Girl.

The band cite the likes of Misfits and The Go-Go’s as influences and you can hear that in the appealing tone of the song. It’s hard rock or possibly even punk in terms of timbre; full of fire and rawness, but takes that and applies a melodic shine to the arrangement without diluting its energy. The vocals have a similar duality, a bright and poppy delivery not hiding their inner steel. And I’m sure there’s a Roma Downey reference in the lyrics, which is always a winner in my book!

Favorite Girl is out now and available to stream Spotify. Check Drama Dolls out over on Facebook and Instagram where you can keep up with news about the upcoming Over the Shoulder / Boulder Holder dual EP and discover other listening options.